Award winning taxidermy with an eye for detail

About Me


Carol Graham, owner and operator of Dream Season Taxidermy.

A Rochester native, I've been doing taxidermy for 15 plus years now.  Professionally, I started Dream Season Taxidermy after settling back here in Rochester, NY in 2010.  Having the honor of working with a couple of  world renowned taxidermists in Illinois for 4 years, and competing in State and World taxidermy competitions all over the Midwest, I'm confident my work will give your trophy the life like look that will stand out above the rest.



Detail that will make your trophy look alive and keep you reliving the hunt for many years.


Small shop for custom attention from start to finish.

 My style shows my dedication to make each piece worthy of the Dream Season Taxidermy name.

Price List

A 50% non refundable deposit is required at drop off. All sales are subject to applicable NYS Sales tax. Due to factors beyond my control, such as field care and primeness, Dream Season Taxidermy makes no guarantee as to the results of any tanned specimen. Mounts not claimed 30 days after notication of completion will be disposed of and deposit forfieted.

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Dream Season Taxidermy

Rochester, New York United States